Workforce Diversity

Diversity is Strength

The research is undeniable...


More than ever, world-class companies are addressing the issue of workforce diversity as a major component of their business strategy. Shared Vision is committed to a policy of diversity and inclusion within its own ranks, and extends this policy to our practice of recruiting.

Workforce diversity has been proven to increase creativity within a company because heterogeneous groups are cross-fertilizing one another within the organization.  Employees from different backgrounds bring in a variety of solutions on how to achieve a common goal. As more diverse ideas are suggested, the chances of finding a workable answer are improved. In atmospheres when multi-platform solution is needed, more ideas are created due to team members being culturally diverse. As an example, employees from Japan employed within a Canadian company may approach a problem in a uniquely different way. Many companies create innovative processes by taking ideas from several employees.

Shared Vision stands by the belief that providing diverse employees is not only the law, it is a desirable business practice. Our outreach methods are often tailored to meet our client¹s specific needs and we are happy to work with your diversity officers in coordinating our efforts and addressing any specific compliance issues.

Before taking on any assignment, we discuss the realistic pool of diverse candidates within a specific discipline or industry.
We participate and support professional associations and organizations that help us expand our access to diverse candidate pools.